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FrenPet started as a side project by @cadu_veloso and @surfcoderepeat, after the excitement around the MVP we decided to keep exploring the potential of this kind of onchain mobile game.

Today we are excited to release a complete re-write of the contracts, introduce new features and share some of our plans.

V1 Pets & Migration

You'll still be able use the v1 app and contracts by downloading the app from

We airdropped V2 pets to all v1 users, you can log in to the app with the same login credentials and you should see your pet with the same state you had in V1.

Upgradeable Composable System

FrenPet V2 is a full rewrite of the smart contracts, we implemented an Upgradeable Diamond pattern (EIP2535), this adds centralization but allows us to keep iterating on features and patch any bugs that are found.

Public API and inviting devs to build features for FP

Fren pet API

We expose all the frontend data in our public open API

With EIP2535 developers can build "Facets" that we can integrate with the official FP Smart Contracts.

Facets are smart contracts that can be whitelisted and ineract with the storage and all logic of the FP contracts.

Due to the risks of whitelisting Facets, We recommend any dev wanting to create a Facet to first discuss with us, if the feature you want to add doesn't make much sense or is too risky (as it gets access to the contract storage) we would let you know and prevent you from spending unnecesary time working on it.

Invite Only & Referal program

Referal program

FrenPet v2 is invite only for now, each new user gets 3 invite codes to share, you can find your invites under your account page.

You will get 10% lifetime of $FP spent within the app by the users you refer, the $FP is sent directly to your wallet on each transaction your refered users do.

We also added login with TikTok for those that prefer it (more on this below)

$FP Rebate on mints

FrenPet v2 is free(ish) to join! Minting a pet costs 100 $FP, but the next time someone else mints a pet, 100 $FP are being sent back to you. We hope this incentivizes more users to join, while avoiding spam mintooors.

New Characters, DNA and age progress

New Frens

The pet's got a new facelift!. Each pet has an onchain DNA composed of 3 parameters: legs, head and ears, it is randomly decided on mint and can't be changed.

Your pet starts as an EGG and advances to it's full reveal as the time passes and you maintain him happy.

Shop Trading

Shop Trading

We introduced The Shop, the shop includes accessories, in-game benefits and more to spoil your pet and advance in the game

The trading in the shop is with $fp only and it is handled by a simple linear bonding curve, there is always locked liquidity to sell back items you bought as price goes up or down.

Some items are limited, while some have high supply, it's up to you how you spoil your pet


/colin_killed_my_pet no more! (if you have insurance).

Skull icon

One of the shop items is insurance. If your pet is fatalized while having insurance it will automatically revive with 5 days TOD.

It is up to you to continue taking care of your pet after it's revived. If the 5 days TOD (time of death) revival end your pet can be fatalized for good.


You can now defend against bonks! you won't lose any battle for 24 hours after acquiring a shield. It is not beneficial to own many shields at same time as they expire within 24 hours after purchasing.

Spin the Wheel and Games

Eheel of prizes

We added a new game to the arcade, you can spin the wheel for free (gas) once a day and earn different in-game prizes, points or accessories.

We have plans for new games on the Arcade, we will share more at a later date.

Mid term ideas

We are working on FP as a side project, while we get 2% of the trading volume, so far it hasn't been consistent to sustain ourselves but we are still excited to keep working on this for the time being.

Some of the ideas we have after the v2 release is stable are to give more thought and improve the onboarding flow, add credit card onboarding and do some marketing on tiktok, the tamagotchi community on tiktok is huge and we think there could be good opportunities there to bring other type of players into the game.

We will focus on adding app notifications too, for now it's not supported.

We are also tinkering around other product ideas, we are onchain degens. Our goal is to try as much as we can to keep giving back to the FP community for whatever other art, shitcodes (shit posts with code) or projects we release.

Spread Love

If you got this far thanks for reading! we'll appreciate any love you can give and share! our twitter and website

Spread Love


Disclaimer: The purchase of usage of FP or any of FrenPet assets does not constitute an investment contract or any form of investment advice. Fren Pet does no guarantees or promises about the future value or performance of the token or NFT, and the value of the token may fluctuate significantly. This is a side project that is not profitable yet for the developers and it's being worked on their free time.

It might be ilegal for you to own Fren Pet depending on your jurisdiction, check with your local laws.

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We are excited for the launch of fren pet. Download the app and check it out. more info coming sooon.