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Player Vs Player (PVP)


Every 30 minutes you can battle a pet that is above your level and that hasn't been bonked for 1 hour.

The odds on the outcome of the battle depend on your attack and defense points vs the other player you are battling so pick your battles wisely.

The winner gets 0.5% of the loser's points, which directly affects ETH rewards.

Defense and Attack Score

Every pet starts with 10 AP (Attack Points) and 10 DP (Defense Points).

Every time you level up 1 level by upgrading your pet you get to spin a gatcha machine that will reward you with APs or DPs.

Here is the formula to decide your win probability: (Attacker’s AP) / (Attacker’s AP + Defender’s DP)


When a pet's TOD (Time Of Death) reaches 0 you can kill it, burn the NFT onchain and earn a star, and stars are very hard to come by.

You can check how many stars you've gained on the my pet tab.


Fren Pet was released in a fair way via Base Swap outside of this website, The purchase of FP tokens does not constitute an investment contract or any form of investment advice. Fren Pet does no guarantee or make any promises about the future value or performance of the token, and the value of the token may fluctuate significantly. It might be illegal for you to own FrenPet depending on your jurisdiction, check with your local laws.