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Raising Your Pet

Take care of your pet and keep it alive.

On the “My pet” tab you will see your pet, a “Time Of Death” (TOD) countdown that starts at 3 days, a mushroom, and a stake button (see more on staking here).

Time Of Death is when your pet will die if it's not fed. If your pet dies your NFT is sent to hibernation.

There are 2 ways to extend your pets TOD:

  • Feed it a mushroom by simply clicking on the icon and paying $1.5 (in ETH). You will receive 5 points and reset your TOD timer to 3 days. All $FP used to buy mushrooms is burned.
  • Staking your $FP will also reset your TOD to 3 days.

Time Of Death never adds up, each new shroom you give your pet resets the TOD to 3 days.

Name your pet

Players can also change the name of their pet by clicking on it and inputing the name they wish to give. The new name will be shown on the leaderboard and when battling.


If you forget to feed your pet, other players can send it to hibernation and get rewarded with a star. Hibernation is a period of 7 days where you do not lose your pet or items, but have limited ability to interact with the game until you feed your pet again to return to the game.

If your pet is not fed during the hibernation period it will be burned and you can't revive it or use it again.

How it works:

  • To reactivate a hibernating pet, the first shroom costs an additional 4 $FP.
  • While hibernating, if attacked by other players, the pet can lose 1% of its points (compared to 0.5% for active pets) odds are based off attack and defense points.
  • Players have a 7-day window to feed their pet and bring it back to life. After that, pet can be killed by other players losing its score. Anything that pet had from the marketplace is automatically sold back into the shop. All $FP and any accrued ETH rewards are transferred to the player's wallet.

Fren Pet was released in a fair way via Base Swap outside of this website, The purchase of FP tokens does not constitute an investment contract or any form of investment advice. Fren Pet does no guarantee or make any promises about the future value or performance of the token, and the value of the token may fluctuate significantly. It might be illegal for you to own FrenPet depending on your jurisdiction, check with your local laws.