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Player Vs Environment (PVE)

You can win prizes in different ways by exploring the world, some of them include:

  • Daily Spin The Wheel
  • Dice game
  • Gatcha machine

Spin The Wheel

Every pet can Spin The Wheel once a day for free (gas) and win points that represent the 2% players share of $FP trading activity.

Gacha Machine

Every time your pet levels up you get a free Gacha spin.

Gacha spins are where you can win or lose attack or defence points which are crucial for pets' further advancement in the Fren Pet World.


You can spin the lootbox for $2 each time for a max of 12 times a day per pet, you pick what ultimate upgrade you would like for your pet if you get lucky.

There 3 options:

  1. Improve your attack points
  2. Improve your defense points
  3. Earn pGOLD

Note that for attack and defense points you have a chance of 1 in 10 to win anything, this will be revised after tests with users to balance game mechanics.


You can join the Dice game and play against other players to win up to 50 $FP per game!

To join the dice costs 10 $FP and the order in which you join (from 1 to 6) decides the dice number you picked for when the dice is rolled.

The dice can be rolled only after 6 players join the game.

Spin The Wheel, Dice, Lootboxes, and Gacha Machine work with a commit and reveal scheme behind the scenes to ensure fair outcomes on a long enough timeframe.


Fren Pet was released in a fair way via Base Swap outside of this website, The purchase of FP tokens does not constitute an investment contract or any form of investment advice. Fren Pet does no guarantee or make any promises about the future value or performance of the token, and the value of the token may fluctuate significantly. It might be illegal for you to own FrenPet depending on your jurisdiction, check with your local laws.